Trips for Health Professionals:
Visiting Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals
and Community Centers

“The trip was transformative for me both personally and professionally.”                                  - a 2011 participant

November 10-17, 2012, there will be a unique and exciting trip for health professionals revealing the practical working of Spiritist treatments inside Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals and Community Centers in Brazil.  Spiritist Psychiatrists, healers and mediums will share their way of working with psychiatric patients. Participants can experience the work first-hand, if they wish.  Emma Bragdon will be sharing more of her experiences and facilitating discussion about bringing this paradigm of care to the USA.  The day-to-day itinerary can be seen here.

A DVD can be rented for 2usd and/or purchased on that describes Spiritism in more depth. Click here for details.

We will stay in Goiania, a large city in the center of Brazil, with its own airport. We will have 5 days in a 4-star hotel in the city and spend 2 days in the country for R&R at a comfortable hotel. Continuing education units will likely be available for participants.

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Bragdon's newest books, Spiritism and Mental Health, and Resources for Extraordinary Healing have been published and are now distributed in the USA through

“Most Americans believe healing consists of manipulating the molecules in our body through the use of medications or surgery.  It comes as a surprise, therefore, to discover that sophisticated, effective healing traditions exist in other cultures that are based on a different approach. Spiritism and Mental Health is a marvelous introduction to the Brazilian Spiritist tradition. It is also a look at how consciousness-based research is transforming scientific medicine in our own culture.”
– Larry Dossey, MD Author:
The Power of Premonitions, Healing Words, and Reinventing Medicine

The Foundation for Energy Therapies is currently expanding and restructuring to incorporate a larger team able to take on more projects related to Energy Medicine. We will post information here as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our focus on the following two projects related to Spiritism’s contribution to effective Energy Medicine treatment protocols continues. The Foundation is:

  • Collaborating with Brazilian colleagues for research in Brazil to explore what patients report receiving from Spiritist therapies in Spiritist Hospitals and Spiritist Centers
  • Setting up educational venues for graduate school students to learn about Spiritist therapies in Brazil, and become involved in research studies there.

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